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30 Leading Experts teach you unconventional, yet practical strategies to help kids succeed. August 11-13, 2023, Fri-Sun you get 10 Experts a day. Bonus days Mon + Tue, when you get access to all 30, so you can catch up on any you missed. These experts do such incredible work, check out their "about" pages below.

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Day 1. Fri

Topic: BE CALM in the Midst of Executive Function Challenges


Ekua Walker

Peds NP, Podcaster 

Parent Coach

About Ekua

Topic: Executive Function & Self Awareness. Productivity tips and tricks.


Eric Tivers, LCSW

ADHD reWired


About Eric

Topic: Is my kid going to be ok??? I’m extra worried! Strategies that help.


Tosha Schore, M.A.

Founder of Parenting Boys Peacefully

About Tosha

Topic: The Developmental and Learning Phases we go through


Paul Micallef

Autistic Life Coach, Creator of Autism From The Inside

About Paul

Topic: College Transitions with Executive Function Challenges


Debbie Steinberg Kuntz

Founder of Bright & Quirky


About Debbie

Topic: How to help your child naturally overcome ADHD challenges


Bob Dietrich & 

Alma Galvan


About Alma & Bob

Topic: How EF Deficits contribute to challenging behaviors


Penny Williams

The Behavior Revolution, Author

About Penny

Topic: 3 Keys To Fostering Executive Function Skills at School & Home


Sean McCormick, MEd, ET/P

Founder, Clinical Director, Executive Function Specialists

About Sean

Topic: Executive Function: From Dysregulation to Getting Our Kids' Core Needs Met


Sonali Vongchusiri

Parent Coach, Raising Your Strong Willed Child

About Sonali

Topic: How to Help Children With ADHD Access Their EF Skills


Lara Dawn


The ADHD Village

About Lara

Day 2. Sat

Topic: Executive Function, a Thorough Exploration into How to Support EF Needs


Adele Diamond FRSC

Professor of Neuroscience

About Adele

Topic: Equity, Cultural Competency and Advocating to Serve All Kids Effectively


Dr. Joy Lawson Davis

Educator, Practitioner, Scholar, Author, Consultant

About Joy

Topic: How to teach kids discernment thinking skills in an age of misinformation


Joseph Lee, M.D.


About Joseph

Topic: How to identify your child’s EF profile and build skills based on unique needs.


Jill Stowell, M.S.

Stowell Learning Centers

About Jill

Topic: How to Foster Social Executive Function Skills in The Real World


Ryan Wexelblatt, LCSW

The ADHD Dude

About Ryan

Topic: Teaching your child tools to regulate their nervous system


Julia Colwell

Evolutionary Power

About Julia

Topic: How to actually study creatively with Executive Function Challenges


Gretchen Wegner

Academic Life Coach

About Gretchen

Topic: ADHD and the Internal Language that impacts kids positively


Michael McLeod, MA, SLP 


About Michael

Topic:  Keeping ADHD Girls Focused and On Track


Linda Roggli, PCC

ADDiva, Author

About Linda

Topic: How to get the school on board with serving your child


Sarah Kesty

Executive Function Podcast

About Sarah

Day 3. Sun

Topic: Supporting Youth through Relationship, Belonging, Equity


Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee

Outreach Specialist, Seattle Girls' School

About Rosetta

Topic: Redefine success for your child's own path & 

Make an Advocacy Plan


Dayna Abraham

Calm the Chaos, Author

About Dayna

Topic: Transforming Triggers & Increasing Connection through Self-awareness


Dr. Lynyetta Willis

Psychologist, Parenting & Partnership Coach

About Lynyetta

Topic: Mindfulness Research and how to support your child


Dr. Nicole Tetreault, Ph.D.

About Nicole

Topic: Executive Functions, Transitions and 2e


Julie Skolnick, M.A., J.D.

2e Expert

About Julie

Topic: The Neuroscience of Sleep and Executive Function. How poor sleep is sabotaging your child's attention and focus...and how to fix it...tonight.


Giancarlo Licata, DC, qEEG-D


About Giancarlo

Topic: Helping Kids Learn Effective Coping Skills


Janine Halloran, M.A., LMHC, 

Founder of Coping Skills for Kids

About Janine

Topic: Responding to Executive Function Challenges and building Empathy


Amanda Morin

Author, Speaker, & Educator

About Amanda

Topic: How to Do It Now: Tips and Tools to Help Students with EF Challenges Power Through Procrastination


Leslie Josel

Order out of Chaos

About Leslie

Topic:  Planning your neurodiverse kid's future


Debbie Reber, MA

TiLT Parenting Podcast, Author

About Debbie

 Bonus Experts

With the All-Access Pass, you also get Bonus Experts, teaching you

quick strategies in 10-20 minute power sessions.

Topic: Using Self-Talk to Build A Child's Frustration Tolerance


Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart
Pediatric Psychologist & Parent Coach 

About Dr. Lockhart

Topic: Improve communication with your child


Dr. Sharon Saline

Clinical Psychologist & ADHD Expert

About Sharon

Topic: The R.O.I. of Investing in ADHD and Strengths


Jeff Copper, MBA, PCC, PCAC, CPCC, ACG

ADHD & Attention Coach

About Jeff

Topic: I See You’re Dysregulated And I Want to Connect…What Next?


Zach Morris, MEd

Learning Consultant, Family Support Specialist

About Zack

Topic: How To Help Your Child Create, Own, And LOVE A 3-Tier Task Management System


Samuel Young, MEd

Director of Young Scholars Academy

About Sam

Topic: A Visual Tip For Studying


Karen Tui Boyes
Licensed Professional Counselor

About Karen Tui Boyes

Topic: How to Have Better Talks with Your Kids


Elaine Taylor-Klaus, PCC, CPCC

About Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Topic: Elimination Diet, Mood & Learning


Maria Rickert Hong

Holistic Health Coach Epidemic Answers

About Maria Rickert Hong

Topic: The Real Truth About Motivation


Diane Dempster, CPC, PCC

Parent Coach, Co-Founder

About Diane Dempster

Topic: How To Grow Confidence Through Calm, Connected Story times at Bedtime.


Andrew Newman

Author, Therapist, Creativity Coach. Founder of

About Andrew Newman

Topic: How To Be Heard At The IEP Meeting


Shelley Kenow
30 Year Veteran Special Educator, Founder and CEO of Shelley Kenow IEP Consultant, Author, and Master IEP Coach®

About Shelley Kenow

Topic: How To Communicate Effectively Despite EF Challenges.


Brendan Mahan, M.Ed., M.S.

ADHD/EF Coach, Parenting Coach, Creator of "The Wall of Awful™" Host of the "ADHD Essentials" podcast

About Brendan Mahan

Topic: Toss the To-Do Lists. A Strategy To Getting Stuff Done. 


Wendy Bertagnole M. Ed

Executive Function Coach

About Wendy Bertagnole

Topic: A Way To Build Trust: Refrain, Rephrase, Reframe


MJ Siemens

ADHD Diversified Podcast

About MJ Siemens

Topic: Fun Definitions of Executive Function


Seth Perler, M.Ed.

Executive Function, ADHD & 2e Specialist

About Seth Perler

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Grab your All-Access Pass here

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  • 30 AUDIO FILES: Download and keep the audio so you can listen and learn on any device, whenever and wherever you want.
  • 30 TRANSCRIPTS: Download PDF transcripts to read and print.
  • 30 BONUS KID VIDS: Each expert made a quick inspirational video, sharing their heartfelt message directly to your kids! These are awesome. 
  • WORKBOOK: Get a special Executive Function Workbook I designed to help you take excellent notes, to get more out your learning.
  • BONUS SPEAKERS: Get short, powerful nuggets, from past speakers, with cool new strategies and tips. 
  • BONUS Q&A With Seth: Live Q&A with Seth in September when you're going to have a ton of questions because the fall chaos will be in full swing.

"This summit was amazing and so very helpful. As a parent, partner, and professional fully immersed in 2e issues, I learned so much from the speakers at TEFOS. I was familiar with only 4 of these speakers prior to the conference, and loved the creativity, passion, competence, and caring they all brought for our families. All of these talks were so helpful and some were downright mind-blowing." 
- Riah E., SLP And Parent Of A 2e 6 Year Old, Tucson, AZ

IS IT WORTH IT? Absolutely. We made this a "Heck yes!" The value is immense, especially considering how much it will help you help your child navigate school and life, how it will help the relationship, how it will help you understand your child's emotional needs, and so much more. That's worth quite a bit! And buying TEFOS empowers you to freely absorb the teachings your way, and at your pace. 

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"Seth I’m sitting here watching a session and I’m crying. I’m trying to hold back the sobs. It’s not even so much the sadness of past failings for my child but overwhelming hope and relief that I have more insight to help my son going forward. Oh my. This weekend has been a rollercoaster. Thank you Seth - so much - for putting this summit together. I bought the access pass and I can’t wait to show my son the student videos. :)" - Melanie M.

Here's what you get: 
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  2. Videos
  3. Audios
  4. Transcripts
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  7. Inspiration Vids for Students
  8. Favorite Resources from experts
  9. Bonus speaker tips for parents
  10. Bonus live Q&A with Seth
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1- You own the entire summit, plus bonuses. 

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1- You get to download and keep all 30 expert workshops.

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4- Adjust the speed to your liking.



1- If you like to read, you get to download PDFs of the full speaker transcripts to any device you choose.

2- Print a hard copy to hi-light and write notes

3- We didn't just add transcripts from the 23 speaker sessions, we actually added them for all of the bonus videos as well.

4- We reformatted every single PDF to make them extremely easy on the eye for reading.



1- I designed this workbook to guide your note taking so you get the most out of the immersion and to help you take action expert teachings.

2- This is also awesome because there is a LOT of information to take in, so this helps clarify key themes.

3- Print it or use the digital version.



I had each of the 30 speakers to give a quick 5-10 minute win to TEACHERS. I asked them to teach 1 great strategy for how to support Executive Function in the classroom!
These are great for PARENTS too, because you can apply most of these classroom strategies to your home!

"If you have a child struggling in any way with Executive Function issues, TEFOS is worth your time and investment! TEFOS covered topics such as: sensory processing, ADHD, study skills, reducing stress through self-regulation, dealing with your child’s inner critic, creating a growth mindset, how to deal with complicated or negative emotions related to learning, math and flexible thinking, the brain and how it relates to executive function, empowering your child to lead their own learning, innovations in biofeedback, eliminating physiological problems that might interfere with learning, and SO MUCH MORE! 

The ALL-ACCESS-PASS provides bonus materials and puts the power in the hands of the viewer to move at their own pace. The free option is excellent as well! You can watch all of the videos as they are available during the three-day summit. I recommend trying to watch them all, but if time is limited, it helps to be able to pick and choose or prioritize your listening time. 

Seth and this team really knocked it out of the park, and I cannot wait for next year!"

--Heather, Homeschool mom of 6th and 8th grade girls, Alabama

Plus 4 Bonuses

To Help You Generate MOMENTUM In Helping Your Child
Build Executive Function Skills

Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart

Karen Tui Boyes

Andrew Newman

Dr. Sharon Saline

Elaine Taylor Klaus

Shelley Kenow

Jeff Copper      

Maria Rickert Hong

Brendan Mahan

Zach Morris      

Diane Dempster

Wendy Bertagnole



This bonus in and of itself is worth the price. You get EXTRA bonus speaker "nuggets" only available with the All-Access Pass, from other incredible experts!

Since this fall is sure to be full of uncertainty and complicated problems, get more powerful strategies, but that are quick. I asked some past speakers to create a nugget for you, a short 5-10 minute video about ONE strategy that is on their heart, that parents may need this fall. These are AMAZING.



Now these are the coolest. I had the experts make a short inspirational video just for students! I often hear parents say, "my child won't listen to me when I suggest things," so I wanted each of our speakers to share their heartfelt message directly for your kids, to help with buy-in, and because they teach kids awesome stuff. Listen to these before sharing with your child, so you can determine which are appropriate for your child's age. But we get a ton of feedback that these are incredibly helpful, so enjoy!

BONUS #3. Live Q&A With Seth


Live Bootcamp and Q&A with Seth. It's in late September when you are going to have a ton of questions because the fall chaos will be in full swing. This will be an in-depth, half-day bootcamp covering excellent topics to help you help your child. Yes, it will be recorded and available for those who can't go.


For the 2022 All-Access Pass, I asked each expert to share some of their PERSONAL FAVORITE RESOURCES, so we could make this clickable guide for you to find great resources. It includes useful books, podcasts, websites, youtubers, and more. Enjoy!

Upgrade (Value $199):


This is our 4th year! During checkout, you can purchase last year's All-Access Passes, including the expert talks, audio, video, transcripts, kid vids, bonus resources from those years. It's a great deal, you learn even more and you can go through it at your own pace. Click here for more info on the 2021 lineup, topics, and bonuses.

"I've purchased the TEFOS All-Access Pass for three years and believe it is a graduate-level class on executive functioning for only $89 and an incredible deal. Just buy it, then watch each video, take notes, summarize the key points in your own words and you'll be a MUCH better parent or educator. Several key concepts I teach in my course, The Art of Adulting, are those I've learned at TEFOS including:
-- The Procrastination Equation and Mimetic Ideation from Sarah Ward ('20), 
-- Get in Gear from Gretchen Wegner ('20) and 
-- New Task Demands Create Stress from Jessica McCabe.
-- Yulia Rafailova shared her Self-Assessment ('19) and Resistance, Chaos and Transformation (The Learning Curve) ('20).
-- Seth's In-Depth Overview of Executive Function ('20) informs so much of my coaching of autistic young adults and their families systemizing self-reliance together.
You won't be sorry!" 
--Lynn C Davison, Adulting Life Coach


Hi from Seth. As you can see, I really thought of everything to create a "Heck yes!", phenomenal resource you can dive into over and over to support your child, for any of your learning styles. I gave you options to learn from video, audio, transcripts, closed captioning, bonus speakers with quick nugget strategies, inspirational videos for your kids which helps to get buy-in when you implement ideas, teacher tips, support resources, and more. All for the price of a night out.

While teaching about Executive Function is my passion, getting all new heart-centered speakers, putting together this site, running the event, and the logistics of getting the moving pieces in place so you can access everything easily in the All-Access Pass, is quite a feat for my little team, and for my brain. We go above and beyond to create something from the heart that we hope makes a difference in your child's life. We hope you'll buy it & love it. Got questions? See our FAQ, or email

In gratitude and service,

Seth Perler

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