Giancarlo Licata, DC, qEEG-D

Vital Brain Health

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About Giancarlo: Giancarlo Licata, DC, qEEG-D, BS, BA is Director of Vital Brain Health, Vital Head and Spinal Care, and co-founder of the Pasadena Interprofessional Community. He speaks to parents and healthcare professionals about the applied neuroscience of Child Development, Sleep, and Performance. As an expert in applied neuroscience, he has been invited to speak to professionals at Pepperdine University, the Learning Disability Experts Show, and national parenting podcasts. He is a member of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, the International Association of Applied Neuroscience, the Association for Applied Pyschophisiology and Biofeedback, and the International Society of Neuroregulation and Research.

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