About Sean G. McCormick, M. Ed., ET/P

Founder & Clinical Director of Executive Function Specialists, Host of the Earn More Tutoring Podcast, and Author of the “Become An Online Executive Function Specialist Course” 

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About Sean McCormick:

Sean McCormick is a parent, husband and international executive function coach. He is the founder of Executive Function Specialists, a remote coaching business that empowers families of middle, high school and college students to be more organized, thoughtful and goal-orientated. Since inception, EFS has provided over 13,000 executive function coaching sessions and counting! Sean is the author of the the Becoming An Online Executive Function Specialist course which has been used to train more than 20 teachers on the essential skills to provide online executive function coaching.

Sean's speciality is working with curious, creative and engaged transition-aged boys (high school to college/career) who want to develop an enhanced growth mindset, improve academically and develop meaningful relationships that can be leveraged for professional and personal success.

He has also spoken about executive function at prominent venues including the Association of Educational Therapists' National Conference, at the Athenian School and on the Qualified Tutors Podcast.

And last but not least, Sean has hosted over 50 episodes the Earn More Tutoring Podcast with a mission to eradicate educator poverty. The show recently surpassed 7,000 downloads.

Sean is regularly featured across media channels for his expertise on executive function, ADHD and special education.