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What is TEFOS? 
The Executive Function Online Summit is a Free, 3-day, online event I created for parents, featuring leading experts on topics related to parenting children with Executive Function challenges. Each day has several expert speakers available for 24 hours. There is a Bonus day featuring all speakers. 2023 is our 5th annual event :) Welcome! Register Free

How TEFOS works? 
TEFOS is a 3-Day "Immersion", where the intention is to do your best to completely immerse yourself in learning about Executive Function for the weekend, and walk away feeling more empowered to support your child. Register free here, then I email you access. Remember to get it in your calendar for Aug 11-14, 2023, to do your best to plan some big chunks of time to invest yourself in learning with us that weekend! You'll experience some great a-ha moments.

Mission of TEFOS? 

Help parents and other concerned adults, help their children better navigate school & life through better Executive Function.

Who is it for?

Parents, and a lot of teachers, therapists, tutors, grandparents and others attend. Register Free >

Why share?

If you like TEFOS, please consider telling others about it, because word of mouth recommendations are the best way to help us get the word out. Please spread the word far, wide, and often. Here's the homepage link to share, https://executivefunctionsummit.com/ Thank you!

In gratitude and service,

Seth Perler, M.Ed.

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