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A Way To Build Trust: Refrain, Rephrase,Reframe

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About MJ Siemens


MJ is a Canadian-born Asian who grew up in Alberta, Canada. Her diagnosis of ADHD in 2019 marked a new chapter of her life, immersing herself in the world of ADHD and mental health. Through her engagement, collaboration, and open conversations with experts in the field, she recognized a lack of representation for the greater Asian community in the domains of mental health and ADHD.

Through her observations, a pattern emerged: In her local ethnic community, mental health-related topics were routinely dismissed and repeatedly invalidated. In her immersion, she also ran into instances of her presentation being denied by others with ADHD who held the belief that ADHD only presented in a certain way. As she learned more about her ADHD its unique presentations, MJ then understood that ADHD does not discriminate and is not bound by race or ethnicity.

It then became MJ’s passion to break the cycles - and the ADHD Diversified Podcast was born. Today, MJ is speaking up and advocating for herself, her experiences, and for others who have routinely had their struggles denied and unique experiences with their ADHD invalidated. Through her podcast, it is her hope that her listeners no longer feel like outliers or outsiders in the ADHD and mental health space - because MJ believes every experience and every ADHD story matters, regardless of a person's presentation, ethnic, or cultural background.

As MJ likes to say: "You matter too."

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