About Zach Morris M.Ed.

Learning Consultant and Family Support Specialist

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About Zach Morris


Podcast About Somatic Experiencing

Podcast About Emotional Support For Young People

Zach is a thought-leader in education. His work over the last decade has been grounded in gently guiding humans through the resistance they encounter. Zach's experience in the classroom ranges from inner-city public school to rural therapeutic boarding school, from non-traditional school to individual and cooperative homeschool. Before transitioning into private practice where he now offers education consulting and family support services, Zach previously served eight years as the executive director for a non-traditional k-12 school after founding the school from the ground up. Zach has spent the last ten years as a student of neurodiversity and learning, and he continues to serve families that have been unable to thrive within traditional structures.

Zach is committed to the development of learning opportunities that foster compassion and whole-person growth, and he supports individuals, families, and organizations in creating supportive structures that inspire connection, collaboration, and understanding.

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