2023 Schedule & Lineup

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Now - Thurs, Aug 10, 2023 

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Fri - Sun, Aug 11-13

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Now - Thurs Aug 10, 2023

Register free, and check out the Early Bird Sale, which ENDS Aug 10, 12:00 Midnight PST, 3:00am EST.

DAY 1 

Friday, August 11. 12:00am Midnight PST, 3:00am EST 

Day 1 of your 3-day immersion STARTS Friday Morning, 12:01 AM PST, 3:01 AM EST

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Day 1 ENDS Friday at 11:59pm PST, or 2:59 AM EST.

DAY 2 

Saturday, August 12. 12:00am Midnight PST, 3:00am EST

I email you access to the second group of experts, available for 24 hours.

DAY 3 

Sunday, August 13. 12:00am Midnight PST, 3:00am EST

The final speakers will be available. 

DAY 4 

Monday, August 14, BONUS DAY

Bonus: Get 24 more hours of free access to all 30 experts, so you can catch up on any you missed.


Tuesday, August 15, BONUS

Bonus: Get 12 more hours of free access to all 30 experts.

Tues Aug 15, at exactly 12:00pm Noon PST, 3:00pm EST, The TEFOS Summit, Bonus Time, and 66% off SALE officially END. 

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Day 1 Topics

Day 2 Topics

Day 3 Topics

Bonus Speaker Topics

Speaker Topics, TEFOS 2023

Day 1, Friday, Aug 10

Dr. Liz Angoff Topics:

  • What is Executive Function?
  • How to Talk to Your Kid About Their Diagnosis
  • Keeping the Compassionate Conversation Going
  • Creating a Shared Language
  • Big Question- Talking to Children About Their Brains

Penny Williams Topics:

  • What is Executive Function?
  • Learning How to Reframe and Decode
  • Understanding Disconnection
  • Big Question- Your Child isn’t Giving You a Hard Time, Your Child is Having a Hard Time

Dr. Mike Postma Topics:

  • Executive Function is a Brain Issue
  • The Importance of Prioritization
  • Big Question- It is Never too Late to Instill Hope

Wendy Bertagnole Topics:

  • What is Executive Function?
  • Bridging the Gap Between Planning and Doing
  • Big Question- Getting Stuff Done is Possible for Anyone

Sonali Vongchusiri Topics:

  • What is Executive Function?
  • Bringing the Child’s & the Parent’s Needs Together
  • Big Question- Core Needs

Samuel Young Topics:

  • Executive Function 101: How to Help Your Kids Understand Executive Function
  • Doing the Doing
  • What’s the Worst Advice You Have Heard?
  • Big Question- Know Your Child’s Strengths

Tosha Shore Topics:

  • What is Executive Function?
  • Nurturing Balance in Ourselves as Parents and in Our Children
  • Setting Loving Limits
  • Big Question- Parents, You are the Best People to Help Your Kids

Sarah Cheyette Topics:

  • What is Executive Function?
  • Helping Your Child Set Goals
  • Managing Technology
  • Big Question- Attention & Intention

Day2, Saturday, Aug 11

Emily Kircher-Morris Topic:

  • What is Executive Function?
  • Supporting the Mental Wellbeing of Neurodivergent Children
  • Understanding ADHD, Autism, and the Potential for Misdiagnosis
  • Engaging School: Strategies to Get Them on Board
  • Big Question- Accepting Neurodivergent Authenticity

Alan P Brown Topics:

  • What is Executive Function?
  • Embracing Your Own Pace
  • Building Rituals for Productive Work Sessions
  • Big Question- Our Brain has Three Fundamental Needs, Let's Take Care of It

Leslie Josel Topics:

  • Understanding and Managing Sensory Overload
  • Navigating and Pre-Empting Lying
  • Big Question- Your Child is Not Lazy, They're Just Overwhelmed

Gretchen Wegner Topics:

  • Study Strategy #1
  • Study Strategy #2
  • Study Strategy #3

Sean G. McCormick Topics:

  • Small Tweaks Have Big Peaks
  • Teaching Self- Advocacy and Personal Empowerment
  • Unlocking the Potential for ChatGBT to Advocate for Your Child
  • Big Question- Connection is the Key

Karen Tui Boyes Topics:

  • What is Executive Function?
  • Responsible Risk Taking
  • Big Question- Our Children are Born Geniuses

Yulia Rafailova Topics:

  • What is Executive Function?
  • Shifting Perspective
  • The “WOOP” Formula for Success
  • Big Question- Parent Perspective Matters

Diane Dempster Topics:

  • What is Executive Function?
  • Nurturing Independence in Complex Kids
  • Navigating Challenges When Your Child Resists Help
  • Support vs Enabling

Elaine Talyor-Klaus Topics:

  • What is Executive Function?
  • Understanding School Refusal and School Related Trauma
  • Fostering Independence and Empowerment
  • Big Question- Fostering Independence in Kids of Any Age (Especially Young Adults)

Day 3, Sunday, Aug 12

Dr. Ann-Lousie Lockhart Topics:

  • What is Executive Function?
  • Body Doubling & Executive Function
  • Big Question- It's Not About the Behavior, It’s About the Need Driving the Behavior

Dr. Nicole Tetreault Topics:

  • What is Executive Function?
  • Understanding and Embracing ADHD
  • Five Approaches to Inspire and Nurture Creativity
  • Exploring the 5 Phases of the Creative Process
  • Big Question- You are Love

Brendan Mahan Topics:

  • What is Executive Function?
  • Navigating Transitions
  • Big Question- There is Dignity in Struggle

Sarah Kesty Topics:

  • What is Executive Function?
  • Empowering Children with Strong Communication Skills
  • Nurturing Self Advocacy in Your Child, Empowering Their Voice and Independence
  • Big Question- There is so Much Hope

Dayna Abraham Topics:

  • What is Executive Function?
  • Navigating Adulthood: Empowering Young Adults
  • Enhance Learning Through Homework
  • Big Question- You are Not Failing and Your Child is Not Broken

Jill Stowell Topics:

  • What is Executive Function?
  • Unlocking Your Potential Through Visualization
  • Big Question- Don't’ Mistake a Skill Problem for Manipulation

Dr. Sharon Saline Topic:

  • Nurturing Independence For Emerging Emerging Adults

Julie Skolnick Topics:

  • What the Heck is Executive Function?
  • Labels & Children: Examining the Why, How, and Where of Categorization
  • Making Executive Function Fun
  • Big Question: Self Love it’s Where it’s At

Shelley Kenow Topics:

  • What is Executive Function?
  • Overview of Special Education
  • Understanding Eligibility and Accessing Available Resources

Bonus Speakers

Dr. Joy Lawson-Davis Topic: 

  • Giftedness has No Boundaries

Lea Anne Paskvalich Topics: 

  • What is Executive Function?
  • Navigating Resources in the Neurodiverse Space

Giancarlo Licata Topics: 

  • What is Executive Function?
  • Tools to Improve Executive Function, Emotional Regulation and Focus

Sarah Moore Topics: 

  • What is Executive Function?
  • Creating Emotional Safety

Michael McLeod Topics: 

  • What is Executive Function?
  • Shifting Our Focus from External to Internal Skills

Debbie Reber Topic: 

  • The Art of Backing Off

Dr. Matt Zakreski Topics:

  • What is Executive Function? 
  • How to Gamify Executive Function

Debbie Steinberg-Kuntz Topics: 

  • What is Executive Function?
  • Screen Overuse

Alma Galvan Topics: 

  • What is Executive Function?
  • Anxiety & ADHD

Lara Dawn Topics:

  • What is Executive Function?
  • L.O.V.E. U Technique


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