Paul Micallef

Autistic Life Coach and Creator of Autism From The Inside

What You Will Learn From This Session:

Developmental and Learning Phases

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About Paul Micallef:

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Paul is an autistic life coach, speaker, facilitator and trainer, with a passion for neurodiversity and emotional intelligence. Leveraging his own lived experience, as well as insights gained from many years working with the autistic community, Paul seeks to promote emotional and psychological safety by bridging the empathy gap between mainstream and neurodivergent culture.

Since discovering his own autism at the age of 30, Paul has worked in a variety of mentoring and educational roles helping parents, students, and teachers, to understand the ‘human side’ of autism.

His YouTube channel has over 185,000 subscribers, and his annual Autism From The Inside Online Summit brings 20+ actually autistic speakers to a global audience every year.

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