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About Dr. Joseph Lee

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Hello. My name is Joseph Lee and I am a Psychiatrist in private practice in Torrance, California. Over the now twenty or so years of my career, my perspective has incrementally expanded its focus, looking beyond merely the improvement of symptoms at the worst times in life, towards a goal that is much more ambitious — achieving optimal mental healthiness. This aim is helpful for the whole range of health, from sickness to no longer sick to healthy to thriving.

The goals set are not just resolution of problems, but ongoing personal growth, wellbeing, relatedness, and authenticity.

My perspective is shaped by a truth-based lens, learned from empirical scientific research, our shared human experience, and the reliable and honed intuition of those in and outside of the mental health field as well as my own.

Empirical Scientific Research – “This makes sense.” In addition to my formal medical school and residency training in Psychiatry at UCLA, my post residency learning has been influenced by Daniel Siegel’s Interpersonal Neurobiology, Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication, as well as Positive Psychology, Emotions research, and other fascinating discoveries of modern Neuroscience. I am always still learning.

Our Shared Human Experience – “This feels right.” Ever since our adolescence, as human beings, our beliefs, behaviors, and expectations are shaped by personal experience. I’m no different. My own personal lens is most influenced by the meaningful relationships in my life, my evolving spiritual beliefs, and my cultural and racial identity that is simultaneously American and that of an Asian person of color.

Reliable Intuition – “This rings true.” From a neuroscience perspective, intuition is not a “low” level gut feeling, but is actually the synthesis of our highest mental abilities. It brings together our cumulative knowledge, our core competencies, both social and emotional intelligence, the default human tendency to look towards the future, and all of our analytical and rational reasoning. It’s the intersection of what “makes sense” and “feels right.” When we listen to the intuition of experts in their particular fields, we are pointed towards concepts worth reflecting on.

Being open to these types of ideas also allows us to step outside the limits of scientific study, and deepen our own awareness of ourselves and others — through art, literature, history, design, philosophy, and religion.

When science, human experience, and intuition all point to the same thing, then we can be sure that our beliefs are grounded in something truthful. I try to draw on all these sources to find what is universally and inherently authentic.

My professional work is divided into two parts. First is as a psychotherapist, integrating these “mental healthiness” principles into the collaborative work I do with clients. Second is as an educator on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and its many real world implications. This includes both writing and speaking to curious audiences that include parents, educators, students, creatives, and professional colleagues.

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