Sonali Vongchusiri

Regulation, Sensitivity and Needs Parent Coach and Founder Of Raising Your Strong-Willed Child


  • I’m a parent guide and founder of the much-loved Raising Your Strong-Willed Child series. I have a unique style which incorporates my own experience as a sensitive, high needs child turned parent of my own highly sensitive, strong-willed child. I combine heart-centered and empowering parenting approaches to bring a parent’s awareness to the challenges at the root of the unrest they feel. Ultimately, my passion is supporting parents to return to trust, connection, confidence, and delight in themselves and their relationship with their child.
  • I’m highly sensitive, intuitive, and I find breaking through fun. What that means is I bring fun to the time we share as we walk together on your journey. I find children wise, attuned and present. I find parents wise, attuned and present. I’m here to support you in seeing this, too.
  • I live in Bangkok. I’m originally from the US and I’m of Indian origin. I have albinism, which means I have no pigment in my skin, hair, or eyes. What that makes me is clear. I see people in ways they don’t see themselves. You’ll find me at the park jogging or in dance class. I sing loud when I’m listening to music with my headphones on. I like the rain… I LOVE the sensation of a downpour soaking through my clothes and the feel of completely letting go. We’ll get along if you like chocolate and you would never EVER mix chocolate and fruit. I’m proof that it’s possible to repair just about any break in relationship with your child. 

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