Last Year's Speakers - TEFOS 2020

Dr. Stuart Shanker
Founder of MEHRIT Centre

Topic: Self-Regulation, How to Reframe Ideas Effectively To Support EF

Sarah Ward
Co-Director of

Topic: New View of EF and Practical Strategies to Develop Independence

Dr. Ross W. Greene
NYT Bestselling Author

Topic: Problem Solving - An Executive Function Worth Paying Attention To

Jeff Copper
ADHD Talk Radio

Topic: Is Your Working Memory Working? Key System Students Need for Success

Peg Dawson
Co-Author of "Smart But Scattered"

Topic: How Emotions & Anxiety Affect Performance

Jessica McCabe
Host of "How to ADHD"

Topic: How Executive Function Deficits Derail Gifted Students

Dr. Mike Postma
Founder Gifted & Thriving, 
Past Executive Director of SENG

Topic: Neurodiversity, Metacognition, and Executive Functioning Impacts

Dr. Sharon Saline
Top ADHD Expert

Topic: How to Improve EF Skills Through Collaboration and GRIT

Caroline Maguire
Author of "Why Will No One Play With Me?"

Topic: Helping Your Child Build Strong Social Connections

Melissa Orlov

Topic: Top Executive Function Tips for Happy Family and Spousal Relationships

Tom Bergeron
Co-Founder of InventiveLabs

Topic: Accepting Yourself, Embracing Your Executive Function Challenges

Debbie Reber
TiLT Parenting Podcast, Author

Topic: The Benefits for Ourselves & Our Kids' EF Development of Inner Work

Elaine Taylor-Klaus
Author, Educator, & Coach

Topic: Raising Complex Kids with EF Challenges in Complex Times

Sarah Cheyette
MD, Pediatric Neurologist

Topic: Using the Secrets of World Class Athletes to Improve Executive Function

Dr. Marlo Payne Thurman
2e Specialist

Topic: Executive Functioning from the Inside Out

Gretchen Wegner
Academic Life Coach

Topic: A Simple Checklist for Troubleshooting Time Management with EF

Brendan Mahan
ADHD Essentials Podcast

Topic: 5 Ways to Support Executive Function & Behavior at Home

Karen Tui Boyes
Spectrum Education

Topic: Using Habits of Mind to Boost Executive Function

Dayna Abraham
Calm the Chaos

Topic: How to Handle the Utter Chaos so You Can Create the Family Life You Want

Yulia Rafailova
Executive Function Coach

Topic: What I Wish All Parents Knew About Building Lifelong Executive Function

Adrianne Meldrum
Owner of Made for Math

Topic: Simple Ways to Win at Remote Learning in 2020

Lea Anne Paskvalich
Next Steps Consulting LLC

Topic: Parent Advice for Navigating EF Resources, with Expertise in Autism/ASD

Wendy Bertagnole
Exceptional Parenting Podcast

Topic: How to Be Your Child's Safe Place Through Sensory and Emotional Regulation

Seth Perler, Executive Function Coach

Seth Perler
EF & Twice Exceptional Coach

Topic: In-Depth Overview of Executive Function and How to Support Complex Learners

Seth Perler, Executive Function Coach

Meet Your Host, Seth Perler

I'm Seth Perler, an Executive Function & 2e Coach in Colorado. My life is dedicated to helping complicated, struggling students learn to navigate school and life so they can have a fantastic future full of choices and possibilities, where they can achieve their goals, do what matters to them, and have a great quality of life. Executive Function is the key!

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