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Jessica McCabe

Host of "How To ADHD"

Topic: New Task Demands: How Executive Function Deficits Derail Gifted Students

What You Will Learn:

  1. Why a student who's done well in school might suddenly be struggling
  2. My personal story (things fell apart in middle school)
  3. The labels those with executive function challenges often pick up
  4. The executive function challenges responsible
  5. Scaffolding: how to put systems in place to help them succeed

Bio: Jessica McCabe is the brain behind How to ADHD, a popular YouTube series that regularly releases easily accessible, research-based content providing a toolbox of strategies and deeply felt understanding and acceptance to ADHD brains, as well resources and education for the people who love them. The channel focuses on teaching people how to be themselves and work with their brains, rather than against them, and has garnered the support of almost half a million subscribers. 

Jessica has a passion for sharing what she’s learned through her own struggles and experiences with ADHD; which she does in a unique style that spans the range from quirky and humorous, to deeply vulnerable and validating. She is well known for her 2017 Ted Talk, “This is What It’s Really Like to Have ADHD,” where she shares with the audience what it’s like to grow up with an ADHD brain and all the ups and downs that come with it. Her work has been featured by ADDitude Magazine, Today.com, Upworthy, and more.

Website: https://howtoadhd.com/

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