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Yulia Rafailova

Executive Function Coach, Founder of MindFull Education

Topic: Resistance, Chaos, and Transformation: What I Wish All Parents Knew About Building Lifelong Executive Function

What You Will Learn:

  1. What parents need to know about Executive Function
  2. What change actually looks like versus what parents expect it to be
  3. How to get buy-in even when your child is resistant
  4. Why parents must tolerate chaos to achieve transformation
  5. How to confidently navigate through obstacles that keep most parents stuck
  6. How to know you're on the right track even if things seem to be getting worse 

Testimony: "Yulia won over my non-cooperative teens to the point that they now call her of their own accord when they are struggling. The education she is providing my children is perhaps more important for their lifelong success than what they are learning at school.” -- Heather B. mom of 3 boys

About Yulia: Having grown up with undiagnosed ADHD and an anxiety disorder, Yulia can relate deeply to the children and families that she serves. After a decade of coaching typical and outside-the-box students, Yulia realized how fundamental a role parents play in their child’s development of crucial Executive Function Skills. She founded MindFull Education to teach families about Executive Functioning and how to design better systems for getting along and getting stuff done. Read more here.

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Website: https://www.mindfulleducation.com/

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