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In the Free Workshop, you'll get concrete strategies from me, live, to support your child's Executive Function, so they can gain the skills to be successful in school and life.

You'll also learn about my group coaching program. 

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Executive Function Coaching

Fall Enrollment Closed September 5

What Is Momentum Group Coaching?

Action + Accountability = Results 

What if by the end of this semester, your child finally has the executive function foundation they need to be successful?

If last semester didn’t go so well, and your child needs real strategies, I created this premium group coaching program for you, to build the right foundation.

Momentum coaching gets phenomenal results, so your child and you can have less stress, save more time, have more success, freedom and fun. It’s fun, light-hearted, down-to-earth, shame-free, and positive! You don’t have to do it perfectly, you just have to show up and try. Just do your best, stack wins, you WILL see big results if you do this with imperfect action. 

What you get:

  • You get my UGYG Executive Function Course as the base, and Momentum is the in-depth group coaching program for students and parents together, where I guide you personally through it, with accountability.
  • Get Live Coaching with Seth. We get to know each other so I can I personally coach and encourage your child and you.
  • 4 BOOTCAMPS. In-depth coaching to take action together, and finally build the right systems, skills, and habits. 
  • 7 SPRINTS. Coaching to learn how to "maintain" your new systems, how to stay on top of it, so things don't fall apart!
  • STUDENT COACHING, & Co-working to work on finer details.
  • PARENT COACHING. I meet with parents for office hours and Q&A to dive deep.
  • Support: Get connected to an awesome group as you hear how others are going through the same things. Feel a sense of relief as your child builds EF skills.
  • Private Hub: For people in Momentum, there is a special hub with everything you need (Indexed replays, calendars, zoom links, access to your UGYG course, parent resources, etc.)

Start date: Fall 2022 Momentum Group starts Saturday, September 10, 12:00pm Pacific/PST, 3:00pm Eastern/EST. 

Ages: Momentum is best for Middle and High School, and the diverse ages work well. Some college students attend. The neurodiversity in this group is fantastic.

In gratitude and service,

Seth Perler, M.Ed.

About Bootcamps

ABOUT: At the heart of the Momentum Program is a 4 week series of live Massive Action Bootcamps, where I coach your child and you to get all of the pieces in place that a successful student needs, once and for all.

  • BOOTCAMP 1: Excavate: Declutter the physical and digital stuff that’s in your way, keeping you stuck.
  • BOOTCAMP 2: Lay The Foundation: Get the key systems built out, the right way, once and for all.
  • BOOTCAMP 3: Frame Your Home: Build the critical habits and routines.
  • BOOTCAMP 4: Finishing Touches: Learn about the remaining keys to success

These are designed so we can take MASSIVE ACTION together, step-by-step, with accountability, to set you up for a great semester, like never before. Yep, they’re long, but trust me, they are manageable, and worth the time, because they will save your child and you so much more time and frustration for years to come.

WHO: Students and parents attend these together. 

WHEN: 4 Saturdays, 5 hours each, with action breaks. Times: 12:00-5:00pm PST, 1:00-6:00 pm MST, 2:00-7:00pm CST, 3:00-8:00pm EST. TimeZone Converter


Bootcamp 1: EXCAVATE

Sat Sep 10, 5 hour Bootcamp with breaks

Students AND Parents attend together

GOAL: Declutter, and get rid of physical and digital stuff that’s in your way.
About The “Excavation” Bootcamp: Imagine your life is like building a home. For a house, excavation (aka “site prep”) is necessary before you lay the foundation. To build the coolest home you can imagine, you first have to excavate the land, and get rid of things that are in the way, otherwise there will be problems like flooding or ground crumbling.

During this bootcamp, we excavate, or declutter key areas, so you can be ready to lay a solid foundation next week. This includes massive decluttering of old papers, backpacks, junk, email, drawers, piles, etc. You’ll feel a huge sense of relief when done! You’ll also learn about your awesome brain and more about Momentum.



Sat Sep 17, 5 hour Bootcamp with breaks

Students AND Parents attend together
GOAL: Set up your foundation of solid organizational systems and structures.

About The “Lay Your Foundation” Bootcamp: The structure of your home is built on a foundation, and if it’s not solid, you can’t build a good structure, and the house will fall apart, walls and floors crack, doors won’t shut, etc.

Today we will completely build out the essential foundational organizational systems you need to make life easier. These will be personalized to you. This includes full setup, the "right" way, of backpacks, folders, study space, planners, etc..



Sat Sep 24: 5 hour Bootcamp with breaks 

Students AND Parents attend together
GOAL: Build framework of solid Habits & Routines
About The “Frame Your Home” Bootcamp: For a house, this is where you think about how everything will flow. It’s how you make your rooms, and think about the layout. So today is about building the right Habits & Routines so things flow well for you.



Sat Oct 1: 5 hour Bootcamp with breaks

Students AND Parents attend together
GOAL: Finish by getting the final pieces in place.
About The Finishing Touches Bootcamp: To finish a house, you customize it with paint, flooring, cabinets, light fixtures, etc. Today we’re going to dive into the Finishing Touches, like: Studying, accountability, advocacy, mindset, metacognition, self-care, and more.

About Sprints


ABOUT: Sprints are 2 hour coaching calls where we maintain everything we've built, so we can stay on top of it, and so things don't fall apart!

There are 6 Sprints: 3 Maintenance Sprints, plus 3 Bonus Sprints

WHEN: Saturdays, 2 hours with breaks: 12:00-2:00pm PST, 1:00-3:00pm MST, 2:00-4:00pm CST, 3:00-5:00pm EST. TimeZone Converter

  • SPRINT 1: The Dip
    GOAL: For a house, when you don’t maintain it, bad things happen. About The DIP Sprint: It’s not a question of “if '' you will hit the mid-semester DIP because it’s gonna happen! So it’s a question of, “how well will we navigate (get back on track) the DIP?” So today we’re going to do some big maintenance: A massive overhaul, or reset of the key systems, routines, habits, mindsets, etc… I’ll walk you through every step of the actions needed to get back on track, together! We will reset systems, and leave no stone unturned.  It will also serve as a pep-talk to help keep momentum going, refine core concepts and tell students where they “should” be at this point.
  • SPRINT 2: SNO Day

    GOAL: Go through a thorough SNO, Sunday Night Overhaul/reset maintenance process 

    About The SNO Day Sprint: Learn and go through the specific process that I teach students about how to do weekly maintenance, which is an absolutely critical habit in order to stay on top of things. Learn how to build this critical routine, so you can do SNO on your own.
    GOAL: Go through a thorough SNO, Sunday Night Overhaul maintenance process again.
    GOAL: Go through a thorough SNO, Sunday Night Overhaul maintenance process again.
  • SPRINT 5: Hail Mary

    GOAL: Finish by getting the final pieces in place. 

    About The Hail Mary Sprint: I’ll walk your child and you through how to make sure things don’t fall apart at the end of the semester, during Hail Mary Time, so your child can end on a high note. We’ll take the key actions together. 

    GOAL: Go through a thorough SNO, Sunday Night Overhaul maintenance process again

    Celebrate and Prep for NEXT semester! Next steps, what to do from here on out.




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