1. To access any year, click here.
  2. BOOKMARK THE LOGIN PAGE: Please bookmark this login URL somewhere you can find it easily: https://executivefunctionsummit.com/allaccess/login/
  3. LOST PASSWORD? Email us at info@sethperler.com, and be sure to do so from the email account you purchased from, so we can locate your account.
  4. DOWNLOAD PROBLEMS? If you're having trouble downloading, try these:
    1. Refresh the page.
    2. Close other tabs and applications while downloading.
    3. Try a different browser, incase there are compatibility issues.
    4. Restart computer and/or wifi.
    5. Clear the history or cache in your browser (be careful not to lose your saved passwords).
    6. Use a different device incase there are compatibility issues.
  5. HOW TO DOWNLOAD VIDEO: When you click to download a video, it opens a NEW tab, where you can rename the file, and decide where to download it. NOTE: It may be easiest to download from a computer (not phone) and from the Google Chrome browser. 
  6. DOWNLOAD AUDIO TO A DEVICE: To get audio files onto a phone, you can copy and past the link into a text message to yourself. There are free tutorials online, here's one on youtube.
  7. FACEBOOK: You can join us in the TEFOS private fb group for support.
  8. REVISIT: You can put dates in your calendar right now to revisit the All-Access Pass, so you know you have dedicated times to get more out of it. You can also meet people from the FB group for accountability periodically.
  9. CAN PEOPLE STILL BUY IT? Yes. If you have a friend who wants to buy the All-Access Pass, click here for the original TEFOS page and send them the link. 
  10. SURVEY: You can share your thoughts on the survey here
  11. TESTIMONIAL: If you want to leave a testimonial, click here for the form. And THANK YOU!
  12. Still need help? Email info@sethperler.com