Does your Organization want TEFOS?

So people can dive into TEFOS 2021 anytime they want? 

How to purchase TEFOS for your Organization or Group:

Hi from Seth. Before we begin, I’ll share some important background information so you can make the right decision for your people. 

1. I want this to be a win win for everyone, you and your group… Me and my employees to cover the costs.

2. I have found that it’s incredibly complicated to do individual pricing for each organization, and I don’t feel right about blanket pricing options that I often see. That approach feels inequitable, since groups have completely different budgets, needs, and circumstances.

3. Therefore, we are doing this on the honor system, and you choose the option that you feel is a fair win-win for everyone.

4. Needless to say, it’s important that your group knows to absolutely not share login information with others, which may be easy for them to do, but would feel unethical to me. If our analytics indicate that the honor system is being abused, we will rebuke the license and you’ll be disqualified in the future.

5. If you have a specific scenario that isn’t covered in the options below, let us know at so we can figure out a win-win agreement.

6. The licenses include the FULL All-Access Pass.  To see everything your organization will get, click here>>


how it works...

1. Click option 1 or 2 below. 

2. Choose the quantity of licenses for your group. 

3. We will email you a voucher code that is specific for the amount of licenses you purchase. 

4. You will distribute these to your organization.

5. They will create their own accounts using the vouchers provided.

Small Organization

Up to 50 Licenses



/ user

75% discount off
the regular price of $199

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