Lea Anne Paskvalich

Neurodiversity Resource Consultant

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Website: https://www.nextstepconsult.com/

Instagram: @nextsteps4u

About Lea Anne Paskvalich:
About Lea Anne: Lea Anne is a highly respected neurodiversity consultant and the founder of Next Steps Consulting LLC, based in Colorado. With a career in neurodiversity spanning over 22 years, her passion lies in connecting neurodiverse individuals and their families to the necessary resources, education, employment opportunities, and relationships that enable them to thrive.

Lea Anne has established herself as a go-to consultant for neurodiversity resources and support. She brings a wealth of experience from her previous roles as the Executive Director of the Autism Society of Colorado and the Director of Admissions for the Temple Grandin School. These positions have provided her with a deep understanding of the gifts and challenges faced by individuals who are neurodiverse.

As an author, speaker, podcast guest, media consultant, and trusted advisor, Lea Anne continually shares her knowledge and expertise while fostering compassion and understanding for the neurodiverse community. She is dedicated to increasing acceptance, promoting inclusivity, and advocating for the rights and well-being of neurodiverse individuals.