How do I get the most out of TEFOS?

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Top 10 List: How do I get the most out of TEFOS?

  1. MOST IMPORTANT: Prioritize it! I know you're busy, but to get the most out of TEFOS, clear your schedule as much as possible and treat it like an in person summit. Be present, focused, take notes. Make it a gift to yourself to show up, because if you IMMERSE yourself in this one weekend of your life, it will pay off for years to come. See Schedule & Lineup and plan your weekend >
  2. Don't try to do every session, it’s unrealistic, and it’s ok!
  3. Watch the first  and last 5 min of each expert to give it a chance, even if the topic doesn't seem relevant. You'll know within minutes if it's for you.
  4. Join our private TEFOS fb group here >
  5. Get an accountability group, friend, partner, or buddy to go through TEFOS with and support each other. (Connect on our fb group)
  6. Join or start a watch party to discuss sessions and dive deeper.
  7. Sick of screens? Listen to the audio only.
  8. Speakers talking too fast or slow? I made sure the videos all have speed control so you can adjust to your preferences. Look for the gear.
  9. Download the free "TEFOS Notes Guide" I created for you, it’s linked on the summit. You can print it to help you track your speakers and notes.
  10. Buy the All-Access Pass to go back through everything at your own pace, get the excellent bonus speakers and so much more. Check it out here >

PS - Please, please, please share far, wide and often, because sharing is the BEST way to help us get the word out! We share (the homepage)

How TEFOS works to helps you? Simple. TEFOS is a 3-Day Immersion summit, which means, the intention is for you to do your best to completely immerse yourself in learning about Executive Function for a weekend, and walk away feeling much more empowered to support your child! You register free, then we'll email you access to the 3-day online summit starting Fri, Aug 20. Get it in your calendar now to do your best to plan some real chunks of time to invest yourself in learning! You'll be amazed as your brain connects more dots, and you experience some priceless a-ha moments.

In gratitude and service,

Seth Perler