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  • 23 BONUS KID VIDS: Each expert made a short inspirational video, sharing their heartfelt message directly to your kids. 
  • 10 BONUS SPEAKER TIPS: This year we're adding brand new videos, short, powerful nuggets, from past speakers, strategies to help for this fall. 
  • BONUS Q&A With Seth: Live Intensive Bootcamp and Q&A with Seth in September when you are going to have a ton of questions because the fall chaos will be in full swing.

"This summit was amazing and so very helpful. As a parent, partner, and professional fully immersed in 2e issues, I learned so much from the speakers at TEFOS. I was familiar with only 4 of these speakers prior to the conference, and loved the creativity, passion, competence, and caring they all brought for our families. All of these talks were so helpful and some were downright mind-blowing." 
- Riah E., SLP And Parent Of A 2e 6 Year Old, Tucson, AZ

Is it worth it? Absolutely. We made this a "heck yes". The value is immense, especially considering how much it will help you help your child navigate school and life, how it will help the relationship, how it will help you understand what your child needs emotionally, and so much more. That's worth quite a bit. And buying TEFOS empowers you to freely absorb the teachings your way and at your pace. 

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You get extra bonus speaker "nuggets" that are only available with the All-Access Pass.

Since this fall is sure to be another season full of complicated problems, I wanted to get you more strategies, but I wanted some that are quick yet powerful. So I asked several past speakers to create one quick nugget for you, a short 5-10 minute video about ONE strategy that is on their heart, that parents would need this fall. These nuggets are AMAZING. 

PLUS PDF GUIDE I also created a printable support guide PDF for every single one, outlining the key strategy taught, the steps they outlined, and the important vocabulary or concepts from it so you can refer to it any time. 

PLUS WORKBOOK I even made it into a workbook option, so you can choose to download the entire series of PDFs or you can just download your favorites individually.

PLUS AUDIO We created the downloadable audio files for you on all of these too.



Now these are cool. I had each expert make a short inspirational video just for students! I often hear parents say, "my child won't listen to me when I suggest things," so I wanted each of our speakers to share their heartfelt message directly for your kids, to help with buy-in, and because they teach kids awesome stuff. You should definitely listen to these before sharing with your child so you can determine which are most appropriate for your child's age and maturity. But we get a ton of feedback that these are incredibly helpful, so enjoy!

PLUS AUDIO We created the downloadable audio files for you on all of these too.

3. BONUS Live Q&A With Seth


Live Bootcamp and Q&A with Seth. It's in September when you are going to have a ton of questions because the fall chaos will be in full swing. This will be an in-depth bootcamp covering excellent topics to help you help your child. This is just for TEFOS All-Access people. Yes, it will be recorded and available to anyone who can't go.

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Meet the Experts...

They each teach you their roadmap of practical, yet unconventional strategies they use to help kids succeed, so YOU can implement them.

At the Executive Function summit, you'll learn from:

Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart
Pediatric Psychologist

TOPIC: How to Help Regulate Emotions When Your Child is Overwhelmed or Anxious

About Dr. Lockhart >

Nicole Tetreault, Ph.D.

TOPIC: Build Positive Mind States & Behaviors for EF Centered on Strengths

About Nicole >

Sue Simmons

Autism Coach, EFT Practitioner

TOPIC: How Your Resilience Either Helps or Hinders Your Child’s EF

About Sue >

Colin Seale

ThinkLaw Founder, Author

TOPIC: How to Foster Critical Thinking Along with Executive Function

About Colin >

Kade Friedman, M.S. Ed.

Educator, Professor

TOPIC: When Your Gender Non-Conforming Child also Struggles with EF: Tools for Supporting at Home & School

About Kade >

IngerShaye Colzie, LCSW

ADHD Coach, Psychotherapist

TOPIC: Understand The ADHD Resilience Energy Roadmap to Make Life Easier for Everyone

About IngerShaye >

Jill Stowell, M.S.

Stowell Learning Centers

TOPIC: Seven Essential Keys to Building Executive Function in Real Time

About Jill >

Tosha Schore, M.A.

Author and Parent Coach

TOPIC: A Step-by-Step Practice to Stop Your Boy's Aggressive Behaviors and Lift Your Parenting Confidence

About Tosha >

Julie Skolnick, M.A., J.D.

2e Expert, Conference Host

TOPIC: Why Gifted & 2e Learners Struggle with Executive Function Skills & What to Do About It

About Julie >

Houston Kraft

Kindness Advocate, Speaker, Author, CharacterStrong

TOPIC: Kindness as a Different Measure of Success

About Houston >

Diane Dempster, MHSA, CPC


TOPIC: What's Yelling Got to Do with EF? Tame the Triggers & Dial the Family Drama Down

About Diane >

Susan Baum

Director, Bridges Academy

TOPIC: Understanding the Complex Emotional Needs of Underachieving Children

About Susan >

Mona Delahooke, Ph.D.

Pediatric Psychologist, Author

TOPIC: Executive Function from the Ground Up: Learn the Role of Physiological State Regulation in Relationships

About Mona >

Maria Davis-Pierre, LMHC

Founder of Autism in Black

TOPIC: Roadmap to Supporting the Black Autistic Child and Their Executive Functioning Needs

About Maria >

Emily Kircher-Morris, M.A.

Neurodiversity Podcast

TOPIC: It's OK to Stop and Ask for Directions: Teaching Kids Self-Advocacy for EF Accommodations

About Emily >

Sarah Kesty

Executive Function Podcast

TOPIC: 2 Powerful Ways Communication Can Create Success At School

About Sarah >

Dr. Robyn Silverman

Child Development Specialist

TOPIC: How to Talk to Kids about EF Challenges from a Place of Strength

About Dr. Silverman >

Joseph Lee, M.D.


TOPIC: Collaborative Executive Functioning: How to give your child real tools to Grow Independently

About Joseph >

Elizabeth Sautter, M.A.

Speech-Language Pathologist

TOPIC: 4 Foundational Steps to Help Your Child with Executive Functioning

About Elizabeth >

Anna Vagin, PhD

Speech-Language Pathologist

TOPIC: The Thinking Behind Conversation: Support Greater Relationship Success for Your Student with EF Challenges

About Anna >

Sucheta Kamath, MA, BC-ANCDS, CCC-SLP

ExQ Founder

TOPIC: The Back-to-School Brain: Developing EF Skills to Help Kids Transition Successfully

About Sucheta >

Ryan Wexelblatt, LCSW

The ADHD Dude

TOPIC: Dad Talk: Understanding ADHD and How to Make Life Easier at Home, from a Dad's Perspective

About Ryan >

Seth Perler, M.Ed.

Executive Function Coach

TOPIC: A Roadmap to Change: How to Guide Young People from EF Struggles to Success

About Seth >

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