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Wendy Bertagnole

Exceptional Parenting Podcast, Masters in Special Education

Topic: Supporting EF in Uncertain Times: How to Be Your Child's Safe Place through Sensory and Emotional Regulation Practices

What You Will Learn:

  1. How to create predictability even in the unknown
  2. How sensory regulation helps improve focus and emotional regulation
  3. How to encourage confidence daily when your child struggles with EF

Bio: I have a masters degree in special education, and a bachelors degree in child development. That meant that I began teaching, and motherhood, with the idea that if I were just kind and patient, things would work out great. Thankfully my kids have taught me that it takes more than wishful thinking to support kids to be the best they can be.

After struggling with tantrums, meltdowns, defiance, and stubborn behavior for years in my own home, I realized I was the one who needed to change. I started seeing behavior different, not as something that needed to be fixed or ignored, but as a call for help for a deeper need. That process is now called the Exceptional Parenting method and combines research, practice, and my own experiences that people across the world now use to have happier homes.

For the past 5 years I've been teaching parents how to use the Exceptional Parenting method to raise more calm, connected, and confident kids. Parents can get weekly access to bits of this method and how it works through the exceptional parenting podcast.

Website: https://exceptionalparentingpodcast.com

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