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Caroline Maguire

PCC, M.Ed., Author of "Why Will No One Play With Me?"

Topic: How to Help Your Child with Weak Executive Function Connect and Be Social — Steps to Ensuring Your Child Doesn't Feel Lonely or Isolated, Even If They Currently Don't Have Friends 

What You Will Learn:

  1. How weak executive function often leads to social challenges
  2. What are the common challenges parents face when trying to help their child build social skills
  3. How to talk to your child in a way that assures she listens and allows her to hold a mirror up and witness the way the social world works and understand her role and how her actions will be received
  4. Why collaboration in the social skills coaching process is the most effective way to resolve social dilemmas
  5. Why open-ended questions, reflective listening, praise and prompts are critical
  6. Watch a live demonstration of the coaching process to learn how to present a social skills lesson.

Bio: Caroline Maguire, M.Ed., ACCG, PCC, founded and facilitates a comprehensive SEL training methodology (#ConnectionMatters) for adults, parents, clinicians and academic professionals on how to develop critical social, emotional and communication skills, in themselves and in others. Caroline’s book "Why Will No One Play With Me?" is a playbook that includes foolproof scripts on how to communicate with anyone, in any situation, and how to ensure the message registers with the recipient – no small task!

Through her private practice, publications, lectures and workshops, her mission is to vanquish the devastating effects of feeling different and misunderstood. Download her free video “How to Tell a Tighter Story” here.

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Website: https://www.carolinemaguireauthor.com

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